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Company Liquidation in Kyrgyzstan - FCHAIN Corporation

Regardless of the reason for the decision made, the liquidation of an enterprise of any form of ownership is the most difficult process that requires a certain amount of experience, deep knowledge of the current legislation, and the development of a clear, phased plan for the termination of the company’s economic activities.

In fact, the duration and ease of this process directly depend on the correctness of the chosen strategy and on how much each stage of this process coincides with the current legislation.

Financial Chain Corporation provides proficient services for the Liquidation of Companies in Bishkek and other towns of Kyrgyzstan. We provide highly qualified legal assistance for the beneficial liquidation of companies of any form of ownership, in any complexity of the situation. Highly qualified and competent lawyers, tax consultants, and specialists in the field of arbitration management of the FCHAIN will conduct a thorough analysis and suggest the most optimal way to reduce the risks and financial burden of the customer on an individual basis. We guarantee high-level professionalism, confidentiality, and prompt support at all stages.

Interaction with FCHAIN is the best solution to business liquidation problems but also the obvious advantages. With us, you gain profit and reliability, as well as safety from possible troubles and costs as a result of inspections by regulatory authorities, providing high-level legal support. Trusting professionals, you get the desired result without effort within a short period of time while avoiding risks and troubles.


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