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Legal Services in Kyrgyzstan - FCHAIN Corporation

Outsourcing legal support is increasingly in demand among companies all over the world, since it provides a high level of service quality, while significantly reducing their cost.

FCHAIN, an international outsourcing organization with many years of successful experience, provides comprehensive legal services for companies and individual entrepreneurs in Bishkek and other cities of the world. We provide first-class legal support for business in matters of any complexity and criteria, guaranteeing confidentiality and an individual approach. By delegating authority to the professionals of FCHAIN, an entrepreneur frees himself from resource-intensive and routine work with documentation, government agencies, and other organizations, which not only saves valuable time but also minimizes possible legal and financial risks associated with current economic activities.

FCHAIN offers the following services:

  • Registration of companies and individual entrepreneurs
  • Legal examination of constituent documents
  • Changes to the constituent documents
  • Apostille and notarization of documents
  • Drafting and amendment of contracts
  • Drafting and changing employment contracts in accordance with the legislation of Kyrgyzstan
  • Changes in the authorized capital
  • Change of directors
  • Change of founders
  • Change of shareholders
  • Provision of a legal address
  • Change of legal address
  • Changing or adding items of activity

The main advantages of legal services package from FCHAIN:

  • Increasing the level of legal protection, while significantly reducing costs.
  • Maximum minimization of problems and risks associated with the legal sector of the company’s economic activities.
  • Saving time, effort and resources
  • Preventing problems with government agencies
  • Highly qualified competent advice and search for the most suitable solution in matters of any complexity.

The legal services package from the FCHAIN is always the right decision. After all, our best practices in the field of corporate law in the global market guarantees highly qualified legal support and the most advantageous offer for enterprises of any size and sphere of activity.


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