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About us - FChain

Financial Chain Corporation is an international company providing high-quality services in the field of accounting, tax and personnel accounting, as well as law of corporations, outstaffing and outsourcing. For almost two decades of successful experience in the global market have made us a reliable partner, which can able to offer profitable and effective solutions to a wide range of tasks for companies of any scale and field of activity.

Today, we have branches in 9 countries of the world, but we do not content ourselves with the achievements to date.
Our clients and partners are progressively growing; it helps us to expand our capabilities and gives even more benefits to our clients. In 2020, we opened a branch in Kyrgyzstan. During this time, we have managed to provide quality services to many local and foreign companies. The FCHAIN team of professionals successfully copes with tasks of any level of complexity. With us, you gain obvious advantages on the path to the prosperity and success of your business.

“FCHAIN” also helps its customers to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers, making it fundamentally easier for your business to obtaining breakthroughs in the global marketplace.

Our long-term, international, successful experience in the global market guarantees an impeccable quality of supplied services and a high level of professionalism, which is confirmed by the recognition among our Clients. We are trusted, and this trust is always justified.

• Your business is protected from unintended consequences due to incorrectly compiled or untimely reports submitted: among them are double tax, penal fines and other problems.
• We will help you avoid undesirable risks in any area of business activity.
• Optimization of business processes, with the help of innovative and high management technologies, which ensures a reduction in financial, time and other costs, with a stable growth of the revenue part.

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