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Accounting services in Bishkek

Independent accounting and tax accounting no longer justifies itself. A more profitable solution for companies of any size is accounting outsourcing. Financial Chain Corporation is a company with many years of experience in the global market, which successfully provides accounting services in Kyrgyzstan and other countries of the world.

Our highly qualified specialists will undertake all the laborious, complex, and routine accounting work, providing you with guaranteed protection against accounting errors, which are fraught not only with fines but also with significant losses in the course of an incorrectly defined form of taxation.

Accounting outsourcing with FCHAIN will optimize the financial sector of your business to the maximum. Our first-class lawyers and accountants will give detailed advice on any issues and provide quality service in the field of accounting and tax accounting.

We offer comprehensive accounting services that include:

  • Development of accounting and tax accounting methods;
  • Selection of a suitable accounting system;
  • Development of a system for the exchange of data and documentation between different segments of accounting;
  • Professional management of accounting documents, competent preparation of accounting documentation;
  • Setting up, updating and maintaining accounting software.
  • Working with primary accounting (preparation of payment orders, etc.)
  • Banking documentation.
  • Reporting and submission of required tax returns to tax authorities and government funds
  • Professional consultations on accounting and tax accounting from first-class lawyers and accountants.
  • Preparation and submission of statistical documentation.

FCHAIN is a reliable partner on the path to the prosperity and success of your business. With us you will gain such benefits as:

  • The cost of outsourcing accounting and tax accounting always turns out to be significantly lower than the cost of salary for your own staff of accountants and lawyers, and the correct design of accounting systems ensures the release of additional finance.
  • Responsibility and guarantees. We take full responsibility and give a 100% guarantee of the accounting security of your business.
  • Optimization of all business processes.
  • We are an international organization with offices in 9 countries around the world, which allows us to provide assistance to our partners not only locally.

Cooperation with FCHAIN offers tangible benefits for your business, including an economy of effort, time, and money. While we are doing your routine, you are developing your business.


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