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Outsourcing and outstaffing - FChain

Optimization and improvement of business processes at all levels implies the introduction of innovative and high technologies of management, as well as the availability of highly qualified personnel. At the same time, it is becoming less and less rational from an economic point of view to keep and salary your own staff. That is why the transfer of time-consuming and costly functions for servicing to outsourcing companies and the recruitment of freelance personnel are so popular all over the world.

Financial Сhain Corporation with perennial successful experience provides outsourcing and outstaffing services in Kyrgyzstan and other countries of the world. Our offer will be equally effective and profitable for businesses of any size and form of organization since it will significantly relieve your enterprise from time-consuming routine tasks, while significantly reducing their cost.

Highly qualified specialists of the FCHAIN will competently and in a timely manner fulfill all their obligations and solve problems of any complexity in the most appropriate way. We guarantee confidentiality and a high level of professionalism in performing a wide range of work related to accounting, administrative, and legal issues, strictly observing all the norms of the legal field, which will provide favorable conditions for successful relations with government agencies.

The vast experience of FCHAIN in the field of optimization of management and the removal of personnel from the staff of companies will ensure the solution of personnel problems at the highest level, including the professional selection of the most suitable form of employment agreements and taxation on an individual basis, in any field of activity. We guarantee the impeccable fulfillment of administrative obligations related to the registration and dismissal of personnel, including the payment and payroll accounting, the resolution of labor disputes, claims, and so on and so forth. This creates a reliable shield for your business from unnecessary risks (possible fines, costs, and other difficulties).

Outsourcing and outstaffing from FCHAIN are those effective management tools that help your business reduce resource costs and significantly increase opportunities for prosperity and growth.


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